SAMA Committee


President: David Bates 0413 023 075
Vice President: Viddy Jermacans 0407 188 721
Secretary: Helen Suridge 0401 009 982
Treasurer: Lisa Attenborough 0404 120 813
Registrar: Lisa Attenborough 0404 120 813

Committee Contacts
Walkers Coordinator: Graham Harrison 0439 500 751
Runners Coordinator: Paul Lainio 0478 222 544
Throwers Coordinator: Julia Lycett 0419 825 802
Awards Officer: Marie Maxted 0447 123 706
Course Measurer: Doug Smart 0413 456 898
Social Organiser: Helen Suridge 0401 009 982
Uniform Officer: Jan Layng
(08) 8364 4707
Promotions Officer : Stephanie Noon 0416 097 747
David Bates 0413 023 075

Non-Committee Contacts
Newsletter Editor: Richard Moyle (08) 8564 3249/ 0417 831 194
Statistician: Ros Lowe 0437 811 582

ASA Liaison Officer
: Clare Stacey

Public Officer: Arthur Jones (08) 8323 7332
ABR Contact: George White (08) 8178 0639

Members can obtain copies of the committee meeting minutes by contacting:
Helen Suridge (Secretary, SA Masters Athletics)

Committee Nomination Form

2018-2019 Committee


  A Feedback form can be used by members to provide the committee with comments, ideas, criticism, encouragement or general feedback on any club related issue.

2019-2020 Committee
L-R: Lisa Attenborough (Treasurer / Registrar), David Bates (President), Graham Harrison,Viddy Jermacans (Vice President), Paul Lainio, Jan Layng
       Julia Lycett, Marie Maxted, Stephanie Noon, Doug Smart, Helen Suridge (Secretary).




  Duty Statements Life Members  
  Below are position duty statements for positions which are filled by committee members or other active members. Some of these positions are not filled currently. Life membership is an honour given to members of SAMA who have performed exceptional service to the Club over a period of at least 10 years. Total numbers of living Life Members will not normally exceed 5% of the Club's membership.  
Click position for a duty Statement  Present Position Holder
President David Bates
Vice President Viddy Jermacans
Secretary  Helen Suridge
Treasurer Lisa Attenborough
Registrar Lisa Attenborough
Committee member Stephanie Noon
Run Coordinator Paul Lainio
Walk Coordinator Graham Harrison
Field Coordinator Julia Lycett / Ann Jefferies (jointly)
Promotions Officer Stephanie Noon
Awards Officer Marie Maxted
Course Measurer Doug Smart
Equipment Officer Vacant
Sponsorship Officer Vacant
Nationals Team Manager Viddy Jermacans (2019)
ASA Liaison Officer Clare Stacey
Social Organiser Helen Suridge
Uniform Officer Jan Layng
Newsletter Editor Richard Moyle
Statistician Ros Lowe
Safety Officer Jill Rogers
Lost Property Officer Jill Rogers
Training/Coaching Coordinator Vacant
Webmaster David Bates


List of Life Members

Al Digance 1982   deceased
Des Paul  1995 deceased
Don Parker   1999  
Kurt Postler 1999   deceased
Glynn Boyce     2001  
Paul Boyce     2001 deceased
Frank Rogers  2002 deceased
Brian Wyld      2004 deceased
Ruth Weber  2005    deceased
Geoff Peters 2005 deceased
Pat Peters     2006 deceased
Rowland Ferris 2010  
John Hore    2011  
George White    2011  
Rodger Barber 2014  
Richard Moyle 2014  
Helen Suridge 2018