SAMA Competition Formats


Winter Competition

The SAMA winter competition is held each Saturday at various venues in the parklands around Adelaide, from May to September 2018.

SAMA has been hosting the AMA 20km Walks Championships for the three years 2016-2018. AMA has now confirmed that SAMA will continue to host them for 2019-2021

As done for the previous two Winter seasons, an additional track & field competition day was held on Sunday 8 July 2018 at SA Athletics Stadium. Results are available here.

The SAMA Winter Program is available to download. Maps are available for most of the courses.

Details of the next Winter event are shown below, and the upcoming SAMA winter competitions are also listed in the Calendar.

All are welcome to take part in our weekly walks and runs. Come 20 minutes before your event to register. Bring a mug for tea/coffee afterwards. Only SAMA members are eligible to win prizes on the days indicated in the Program.

The State Age Group Championships for each of the Winter events are held throughout the season. NB. Only registered SAMA members are eligible for placing in State Age Group Championships events. The dates for all Championships are listed in the Winter Program and in the Calendar.

This year the SAMA Half-Marathon Championships will return as a SAMA event, to be held in conjunction with the 20km Race Walk Championships on Sunday 5 August 2018.

As for last year we will also use the parkrun for two Saturdays (a 5km run or walk). It would be great if members who run/walk at the parkruns could wear their SAMA uniforms to promote our club.
While the Lochiel and Cleland parkruns are shown on our program and we encourage members to attend those venues (wearing the SAMA uniform if possible), we also encourage members who cannot make those venues to enter their local parkrun and send results to John Hore, who will compile overall results.

Remember before taking part in your first parkrun you have to register free of charge with parkrun (at www.parkrun.com.au/register/), and obtain a bar code so that your time is recorded. Further details about the parkrun can be found via the Lochiel parkrun website.

Scratch v handicap races

About half the race walks and runs during the season are conducted using predetermined handicaps, with the remainder held as scratch races, which include the State Age-Group Championship events. The Winter Program shows the dates for each of the scratch (highlighted in grey) and handicap weeks.

There will be a single clock start time for all distances of runs and walks, but the start time for a particular event will be determined on the basis of the likely slowest competitor finishing at 3.15pm.

For scratch races (ie. everyone starting at the same time) there will be a precise start time advertised for each particular event, as shown in Winter Program and also listed in the Calendar.

For handicap races each person's handicap will be adjusted so that all competitors finish at the same time (approx. 3.15pm). However, there will be an advertised approximate start time for each type of event, which will take into account these modified handicaps (as shown in the table below). SAMA will publish a listing of all those who have competed during the winter season to show their precise start time, which will be available by the Thursday morning preceding each handicapped race date.

Please note that the following applies to all races:

Next Winter Event

Saturday 28 July - competition will be at Felixstow Carpark (cnr Briar Rd & Riverside Drive).1.57pm: 8km walk; 2.20pm: 8km run; 2.33pm: 4km walk; 2.53pm: 4km run; 3.09pm: 1km run. All races are scratch.

Upcoming Winter Events

Winter season competitions during July / Aug 2018 include the following:

Saturday 28 July - competition will be at Felixstow Carpark (cnr Briar Rd & Riverside Drive).1.57pm: 8km walk; 2.20pm: 8km run; 2.33pm: 4km walk; 2.53pm: 4km run; 3.09pm: 1km run. All races are scratch.

Saturday 4 August - Crafers parkrun*. 365 Mt Lofty Summit Rd, Crafers. WEAR SAMA UNIFORM - PREREGISTER ON-LINE with parkrun. 5km - 8.00am start.

*While the Crafers parkrun is shown on our program, we also encourage members who cannot make that venue to enter their local parkrun. All SAMA members participating in any parkrun that day should send their results to John Hore , who will compile overall results.

Sunday 5 August - Special event at Peacock Road (Adelaide Harriers Club Rooms), will include the 20 km SAMA State Championships Walk and the AMA 20km Walk Championships, both starting at 10.00am. See here for more details about the AMA 20km Walk Championships.

The SAMA State Championships Half-Marathon will also be held on Sunday 5 August, starting at 10.15am.

Saturday 11 August - competition will be at Bonython Park (opp. Coca Cola).10k walk/run; 5km walk/run; 2.5km run; 1km run. / 2.5km loop. All Yacht handicap, and expected start times for each event are available as described below.

Saturday 18 August - competition will be at Peacock Road (Adelaide Harriers Club Rooms), and will include the 10km SAMA State Champs Run at 2.11pm.
All support races are Scratch with the following start times:1.57pm: 8km walk; 2.38pm: 5km run; 2.33pm: 4km walk; 2.56pm: 2.5km run; 3.09pm:1km run. . Walks anti-clockwise / runs clockwise.
Prizes to be won!

What time to arrive to compete in Saturday competition.

For scratch weeks (including Championships) there will be precise start times advertised for each event. Arrive at least 20 minutes beforehand for check-in etc.

For handicap weeks, SAMA will publish a listing of all those who have competed during the winter season. This will be found by clicking on the upcoming date in the Results page on the web site, and will be available by the Thursday morning preceding each handicapped race date.

For each person, the list will show their individual start times for the various distances that they may be interested in doing that week. Remember this start time is designed to have everyone finish at 3.15pm.

Times shown on the listing are your estimated performance time, your start time on the SAMA clock and your actual start time shown as time of day. This will enable you to turn up for your race at least 20 minutes before your start time, but avoid unnecessary hanging around by arriving too early.

For those who are not included on the list (ie. have not taken part in the current winter season) the following approximate start times will apply on handicap weeks.

1000m run, 2km run


2.5km run, 3km run, 3km walk, 4km run


4km walk, 5km run, 6km run


5km walk, 6km walk, 8km run


10km run, 12km run, 8km walk


15km run, 10km walk 1.45pm

12km walk


15km walk


The race clock is started each week to satisfy the 3.15pm finish for the race with the likely slowest competitor in it, and all handicaps work from that clock – hence the handicap times for the shorter runs may be over an hour.

Upon checking-in, the computer calculates for each individual a handicapped start time, which accounts for their individual handicap for that race (zero for a scratch race) plus the approximate start time for the particular race, determined from the estimated time for the likely slowest competitor.

Each competitor then starts when the race clock shows the handicapped start time allocated to them by the computer.

However, this can be easily calculated as follows. Apart from the scratch races, to find out your individual start time: