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SAMA provides an informative newsletter called "SA Masters News" (compiled and edited by Richard Moyle) to all members every second month.

Newsletters contain results of recent events, training tips, information about coming events and stories about Club members and their achievements.

Click on the dates below to download each newsletter edition (the PDF files are very large, so allow time for downloading).

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Latest SA Masters News (February 2019)

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Oct 2018 Melbourne 2019 - AMA Championships
Aug 2018 XVII Australian Masters Games - Adelaide 2019
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Archived Newsletters

Thanks to the efforts of George White, John Hore and Doug Smart, SAMA now has a collection of newsletters going back to the early days of the club in electronic (PDF) format, from 1975 when we were called South Australian Veterans Amateur Athletic Club (SAVAAC).

Since there are a very large number of these (approx. 230), we have decided not to put them all on the website. However, selected examples are available for immediate viewing through the links below. If you would like to see a copy of a specific newsletter from the past (1975-2011) not included on this page, send an email to George with details of the issue required (refer to index), and he will arrange for you to receive the relevant file.

November 1975 SAVAAC newsletter (Rowly Ferris ed.)

June 1976 SAVAAC newsletter (Rowly Ferris ed.) April 1978 coverMay 1980 cover
October 1977 SAVAAC Magazine (Rowly Ferris ed.) April 1978 SAVAAC Magazine (Rowly Ferris ed.)

April 1979 SAVAAC Magazine (Rowly Ferris ed.)

May 1980 SAVAAC "Veterans Athletics" (Rowly Ferris ed.)

October 1984 SAVAAC "Grey Hares" newsletter (Bob Auld ed.)

August 1990 SAVAAC "Grey Hares" newsletter (Paul Boyce ed.)

April 1992 SAVAAC "Grey Hares" newsletter (Paul Boyce ed.) March/April 1996 SAVAAC newsletter (Phillip Aldridge ed.)
September 1998 SAVAAC "SA Veteran News" (Frank Rogers ed.) November 2000 SAVAAC "SA Veteran News" (Frank Rogers ed.)
October 2001 SAVAAC "Grey Hares" 30th Anniv. Special Edition January 2002 SAMA "SA Masters News"1st issue (Frank Rogers ed.)
July 2004 SAMA "SA Masters News" (Frank Rogers ed.) July 2005 SAMA "SA Masters News" (Frank Rogers ed.)
October 2007 SAMA "SA Masters News" (Piet Cosby ed.) December 2009 SAMA "SA Masters News" (Piet Cosby ed.)  
February 2010 SAMA "SA Masters News" (Piet Cosby ed.) June 2011 SAMA "SA Masters News" (Richard Moyle ed.) incl 40th Anniv. report