SAMA Postal Relay Results




The AMA Postal Relays were National Relay Championships that took place in January / February 2015, and involved the following relays for both Men and Women, with teams in 10 year age groups.

4 x 100m; 4 x 400m; 4 x 1500m; 4 x 800m walk; Long Jump; Shot Put; Discus; Javelin

The original SAMA results are available on the Results page (see events marked **). The final AMA Results for all Postal Relay events held each year are published here in PDF format.

The Table below shows the official AMA Results for all SAMA Teams that were placed in the top three nationally for their age group.

Click on the Link next to an event to view the Certificate for all team members (in PDF format, which can be printed if desired).

Relay Age Group Link Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Member 3 Team Member 4 Time/Dist/Length Place
4 X 100m M40-49 Certificate Gino Geracitano Michael Cassidy James Noblet Alex Jeffries 00:50.29 1
4 X 100m M50-59 Certificate Graham Henderson Brian Davies John Turner Hayden Harrell 00:58.08 3
4 X 100m W30-39 Certificate Karen Long Vicky Caputo Gail Stone Sue Turner 00:56.87 1
4 x 1500m M40-49 Certificate John Anderson Justin Dawson Hayden Hands Alex Burrowes 21:34.22 1
4 x 1500m W30-39 Certificate Lisa Davis Frina Potezny Elizabeth Slattery Sarah Dawson 21:58.50 1
4x800m Walk M40-49 Certificate Mathew Anderson Harry Hayford Graham Harrison Roger Lowe 23:58.26 2
4x800m Walk W60-69 Certificate Helen Suridge Jan Layng Linda Whitelaw Valmai Padget 23:22.56 2
Discus M40-49 Certificate Peter Bos Mark Branson Mike Stroubis   74.71 2
Discus W30-39 Certificate Mel Brooks Aphie Hughes Gail Stone   55.80 2
Discus W50-59 Certificate Julia Lycett Ann Jefferies Judy Isaac   64.50 2
Discus W60-69 Certificate Glynn Boyce Cherie Dempsey Gill White   45.48 1
Javelin M40-49 Certificate Aaron Schenk Mark Branson Mark Clark   98.55 1
Javelin M60-69 Certificate David Bates Brian Davies Stan Miller   61.73 3
Javelin W50-59 Certificate Julia Lycett Ann Jefferies Judy Isaac   65.38 1
Javelin W60-69 Certificate Cherie Dempsey Lyn Peake Gill White   37.02 1
Javelin W70-69 Certificate Glynn Boyce Miriam Cudmore Ann Lang   44.33 1

Results and Certificates awarded to the SAMA Teams placed in the top three for their age group in the 2014 Postal Relays are still available here.