Summer Program 2018-2019 

The SAMA summer competition will re-commence on Wednesday 17 October 2018. The detailed Summer Program is now available.

Winter Program 2018        SAMA Course Maps

The winter competition is held each Saturday at various venues in the parklands around Adelaide, from May to September. Download the program for the 2018 winter season (updated on 2 June 2018), which commenced on Saturday 5 May 2018, and finishes on 8 September 2018.

Changes to the Walking events

In the spirit of inclusion SAMA has introduced Club Walking into its program. SAMA will now have two types of walking in its competition – Race Walking and Club Walking.

Race Walking will continue under IAAF rules with the “No advantage” concept applied as is done at National and International competition.

Club Walking will be introduced, where the only rule is that there would be no running - which for our purposes will be defined by the requirement to always have one foot on the ground (bent knees will not be an issue). Walkers in this category can still be disqualified if they break the contact rule!

As both types of walking would be in the same race the type of walking must be nominated on entry. We will have some distinguishing feature on Race Walkers. Both types will have their own Club Championship events but there will only be records for Race Walking and only Race Walkers would be eligible for the SAMA Walks Award.

Athletics SA Competition

SAMA is a full member club with ASA, so that SAMA members can compete in ASA winter competition (under the RunningSA banner). You will need to compete in a SAMA uniform and if you don’t have one please see the Uniforms page for information about ordering.

SAMA has paid for basic membership for all our members. For an extra annual fee, individuals may upgrade their membership with ASA to a Bronze or Silver membership (or take out a First Year membership if applicable) to reduce the cost per day/event

Membership Registration is done through the following link: https://memberdesq.onesporttechnology.com/1772/org. When registering, select your club as 'Masters - SA'.

If you have any questions about this process, or have any issues with the on-line system, please contact the Athletics SA office on 83543477 or email info@athleticssa.com.au.

Information about the RunningSA events can be found on the ASA Website.