Winter Program 2019    SAMA Course Maps

The winter competition is held each Saturday afternoon at various venues in the parklands around Adelaide, from May to September. Download the program for the 2019 winter season (Version 8, updated 22/5/2019), which commences on Saturday 4 May 2019, and finishes on 7 September 2019.
Note that the Program this year consists of TWO pages
, with the second page containing more detailed notes about the competitions and venues, including a key to colours and symbols used in the main program on page 1.

See the Competition Formats page for further details, including the latest updates about each week's competition.

Innovations for 2019

There will be two Saturdays (18th May & 10th August) when there will be no separate SAMA competition. Instead, on those weekends members may elect to participate in a parkrun of their choice, or take part in one of the alternative events shown below:

Runners are encouraged to join a SAMA team for the ASA /RUNNING SA CROSS COUNTRY RELAYS at a city location - all races are scratch - entry fee payable to Athletics SA (ASA).
There will be THREE* opportunities during the winter season (Sunday 19th May, Saturday 10th August, and Saturday 31st August) to JOIN A TEAM organised by Clare Stacey - please contact her if you are interested.
Further information is provided in the Winter Program.
*On each occasion you should confirm race times & details on the ASA Winter Hub

Walkers are encouraged to take part in TWO joint competitions with SA RACE WALKERS CLUB at Peacock Road (Saturday 18th May & Saturday 10th August) - all races are scratch - no entry fee payable.
Further information is provided in the Winter Program. See also the Flyer for full details of the Joint Meet.

A Winter Track & Field competition will be held just prior to the Oceania Masters Athletics Championships in Mackay.

We shall be making more use of the West Terrace venue at Western Districts Clubrooms including for some Championships, and have reduced the number of competitions at Peacock Road accordingly..

Athletics SA Membership

SAMA is a full member club with ASA, so that SAMA members can compete in ASA winter competition (under the RunningSA banner). You will need to compete in a SAMA uniform and if you don’t have one please see the Uniforms page for information about ordering.

SAMA has paid for basic membership for all our members. For an extra annual fee, individuals may upgrade their membership with ASA to a Bronze or Silver membership (or take out a First Year membership if applicable) to reduce the cost per day/event

Membership Registration is done through the following link: https://memberdesq.onesporttechnology.com/1772/org. When registering, select your club as 'Masters - SA'.

If you have any questions about this process, or have any issues with the on-line system, please contact the Athletics SA office on 83543477 or email info@athleticssa.com.au.

Information about the RunningSA events can be found on the ASA Website.

SAMA Survey on 2019 Winter Program

Before locking in the program, the Committee sought the views of all SAMA members on some proposed alternative options, and also whether there was support for holding a Winter Track & Field competition. We also ascertained preferences concerning two other aspects of the winter program ie. handicap vs scratch races, and competition venues. A survey was conducted using Survey Monkey, which resulted in an overall 25% response rate. The full details of the survey results are available to download (PDF).

Summer Program 2018-2019

The SAMA summer competition has now finished. Results for all our summer competitions, including Championships, can be found on the Results page. The photos taken at previous SAMA competitions can be viewed via the Gallery.