SAMA Course Set-up Maps

SAMA Course Maps for course marking
Venue Routes for Walkers Routes for Runners

Bonython Park [Opposite Coca Cola]

*2.5km, 3km

*2.5km, 3km, **2km (turn detail)

Burbridge Road, West Beach [Apex Park - Opposite Davis St] #4km #4km
East Terrace [Cnr Wakefield St & East Tce] 10km 2km Cross Country
2km Track (mostly)
Felixstow Carpark [Cnr Briar Rd & Riverside Drive] *4km *4km
Le Fevre Terrace, North Adelaide [Near playground] **2km **2.5km
Peacock Road Adelaide [Adelaide Harriers Club Rooms] #2km (U-turn details) 2.5km
Oaklands Rd, Oaklands Park [Turn south opp. Hendrie St to car park past the Oaklands Park Wetlands] **2km (set-up details) **2km (set-up details)
West Beach Carpark [End of Barcoo Road, West Beach] 2.5km 2km
Victoria Park [Wakefield Rd - East of East Terrace] *3km *3km

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**Updated 2015 #Updated 2016 *Updated 2017

NB. "Set-up details" links are to old maps containing the details needed for course marking, where they have not been included in new versions of the map.