JOGGERS WORLD SA Masters Athletics 800m HANDICAP
2012 Winner: Hayden Harrell (130m) 2mins 15.47secs

Vest Name - Age Mark Placing Time
Green Lainio Paul 46 70 1st 2.11.25
2 Oates Grant 45 90 2nd 2.14.82
Yellow Davis Lisa 37 70 3rd 2.16.50
1 Willoughby Iain 47 80 4th 2.18.04
White Loveday Craig 38 Scr 5th 2.18.49
Blue Legrand Wes 34 10 6th 2.19.87
3 Jefferies Alex 56 100 7th 2.20.07
Pink Worthing Mark 51 70 8th 2.21.57
4 Mutton David 62 140 9th 2.22.69
Red Mulholland Paul 37 Scr 10th 2.24.26
6 White George 68 180 11th 2.28.49
Black McKay Andrew 55 70 12th 2.32.69
7 Caporlingua Marie 61 180 13th 2.34.71
8 Lowe Ros 65 220 14th 2.35.71
5 Sevenoaks Geoff 60 170 15th 2.44.59

2012 Winner: Patricia McHendrie (25.75m) 16.52secs

Vest Name - Age Mark Placing Time
Green Peake Lyn 63 8.00 1st 17.231
Black Blute Kathy 52 11.25 2nd 17.563
Pink Cudmore Miriam 76 24.00 3rd 17.597
Yellow Stone Gail 54 7.25 4th 17.665
Red Turner Sue 53 Scr -
White Jefferies Ann 51 7.25 -
Blue NortonrBaker Marlene 61 7.25 -
Brown Lang Anne 70 25.75 -

2012 Winner: Stanley Miller (16.75m) 16.57secs

Vest Name - Age Mark Placing Time
White Legrand Wes 34 2.00 1st 14.911
Yellow Jefferies Alex 56 8.00 2nd 15.160
Green Hill-Brown Ross 58 10.50 3rd 15.298
Brown Henderson Graham 64 17.50 4th 15.435
Black Johns Chris 54 10.50 5th 15.991
Blue Lovell Matthew 47 5.50 6th 16.201
Red Noblet James 43 Scr -
Pink Davies Brian 67 17.50 -


As in 2012, the large number of SAAL nominations for the Bay Sheffield (again over 860) made the inclusion of the three SAMA races uncertain until 18th December. The two days of the Carnival had:-

-- 119 heats and
-- 24 finals,
-- 2 very short breaks for officials on day 1,
-- 25 presentations to first 3 place-getters,
-- a motorcade of SAAL 'Hall of Fame' and Life Members,
-- one parade of finalists in the 120m Open Bay Sheffield,
-- one parade of finalists in the 120m Womens' Gift,
-- singing ofthe National Anthem.

All of that in less than 19 hours, with all events on time. That is, as usual, a marvelous achievement. Its planning obviously involves a lot of time and very good judgement, with much of the detail not able to be done until all the SAAL race nominations have been received. I can remember our Club's events in the early 1980s, at Colly Reserve and Cambden, and I consider it wonderful that we have had our races included in the Carnival since then, while the size of the Bay Sheffield has grown since then.


First, and foremost, to the Athletic League, for including our three races in what was a very full Carnival programme.

Then to Glynn Boyce and Elain McFarlane, who for at least the last four years, have helped the SAAL Equipment Manager with setting up the lanes, flags etc. at Colly Reserve in the morning of race day.

Thanks to both of them, plus Gillian and George White, Jill Rogers, Dave Trembath and Maurine O'Connell for helping with the packing up of equipment, plus tents and boxes of flowers, etc. after the final Day 1 event. This activity over recent years has been our form of 'Thank You' to the Athletic League. For us it also meant staying for the last few races. They included some very impressive young runners.

Thank you to all entrants who were able to race. We hope they enjoyed the the event. All three races were excellent.

Injuries prevented 8 of our entrants from racing, several well before race day, and, unfortunately, all in the two 120m events.