Club History



A History of Veterans/Masters Athletics in South Australia by George H White

Towards the end of 2009, George White completed the History of our Club and a small book "AGE IS AN ADVANTAGE: A History Of Veterans/Masters Athletics In South Australia" was produced. In 2015 he updated that history as a series of web documents. This year he has again updated it. It is nearly 40% larger than the original as a result of another 8 years of narrative as well as National, Oceania and World Championship results. Additions since the last update include the narrative in the chapter Consolidation now ending in 2014 and a new chapter – Maintaining Relevance - added to bring us to today. There is a new section on World Indoor records and Peter Brett has been added to the section Stars In Their Younger Days.

The document has now been compressed to 6.41MB meaning it is now accessible as a single downloadable document.

Please enjoy this update and let George know of any mistakes in English/spelling or facts. As always he would welcome any additional information, anecdotes and photos.

History Book - complete document View (PDF 6.41MB) Copyright 2017: George H. White