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Biomechanics Research - Breast Support Issues

The Australian Institute of Sport has been working with Breast Research Australia to develop a short but comprehensive online survey to identify the breast support issues that female athletes experience at an elite level in order to improve their comfort and, ultimately, their athletic performance.

Brooke Brisbine at AIS Biomechanics is conducting a survey on breast pain and sports bra use in female athletes as part of her PhD studies. The majority of responses to the survey thus far have come from young athletes, so she is interested to incorporate Masters athletes into this research so that she can really understand breast issues and how they affect athletes of all ages. See also the flyer [PDF].

To participate, athletes need to be 18+ yrs females competing in national or international competitions. The survey takes less than 10 minutes and asks questions related to sports bra use, breast pain and breast injuries. Athletes can access the survey online at bit.ly/2g2BOPm or by emailing Brooke Brisbine directly at this email address.

World Masters Athletics Rankings Website

World Masters Rankings (https://www.mastersrankings.com/)

The official rankings for World Masters Athletics
This site is dedicated to serving Masters Athletes providing performance lists and many other features. There are 1,430,800 performances listed representing 188,024 athletes from 189 nations. Lists on this site are progressive so athletes can see where they stand all year long. MastersRankings does not seek to replace any national ranking list - it will include those lists so World and WMA regional rankings lists are accurate and comprehensive.

Everyone from the World Champions through the recreational athlete who can barely jump is welcome to be listed on this site. MastersRankings is committed to serving Masters Athletes worldwide by providing what you want and need. The core are the rankings lists but there is and will be much more. The site is constantly changing so you may want to check back often.

Masters Athletes want to:

MastersRankings' plan is to fulfill these needs and more.

We are now a "Good Sports Club"

We are proud to announce that SAMA is now a Good Sports accredited club. The Good Sports program works with clubs to help them provide safe and healthy environments for families to play sport. Sporting clubs such as ours play a significant role in the community and we have a responsibility to our members and their families. We have chosen to join over 7000 clubs across Australia taking part in the Good Sports program. Through Good Sports we are committed to managing alcohol responsibly and ensuring smoke free areas, which we believe will help us to provide a healthy, safe and family friendly environment. Together, we are helping inspire a healthier sporting nation.

For more information on what being a Good Sports club is all about visit www.goodsports.com.au .