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Two Jetties Fun Run

2 Jetties Fun Run 2015

This race from Glenelg Jetty to Brighton Jetty and back, was organised by the Doug Smart for the South Australian Masters Athletics in conjunction with the Bay Sports Festival at Glenelg Foreshore, and held on Saturday 26 December 2015.

For family fun, this year there was a 1km Junior Dash and a 0.5km Kids Scamper, both run out-and-back along the beach.

Photos of the 2015 event can be found in the General Gallery archive, thanks to John Martin.

A Finishers certificate can be downloaded by all those that participated, to keep as a record. It is in A5 format.

The results for the 2 Jetties Fun Run 2015 are available to download as a PDF containing the following listings:

  • Overall placings for run &walk (all competitors)
  • Placegetters for Junior Dash and Kids Scamper
  • Age-group winners (males & females)

For comparison, the cumulative results for placegetters since 2008 are available here.

See the report for the 2 Jetties 2015 extracted from the SAMA Newsletter. See also the

2 Jetties Fun Run in previous years

Photos of the 2012, 2013 and 2014 events can be found in the General Gallery archives, thanks to John Martin.
The results for the 2 Jetties Fun Run 2013 are available in two different formats:

The results for the 2 Jetties Fun Run 2014 are available in two different formats:

Bay Sheffield Carnival - SAMA Events

Bay Sheffield 2015

South Australian Masters Athletics organised a 800m event for SAMA members at the Bay Sheffield Carnival at Colley Reserve, Glenelg, on Sunday 27 December 2015.

This year the SAMA event was coordinated by Lisa Attenborough, and handicapped by Harry Hayford and John Hore.

Photos of the 2015 event can be found in the general gallery archive, thanks to John Martin.

The SAMA event at the Bay Sheffield was sponsored by the Scout Outdoor Centre.

Full information about the Bay Sheffield Carnival can be found at the South Australian Athletic League website.

Bay Sheffield in previous years
Bay Sheffield SAMA event pictures from 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014.
The results for the 2013 Bay Sheffield SAMA events are available here. John Hore hs made available a video of the SAMA events and presentations at the 2013 Bay Sheffield.

Placings for the 2014 Masters 800m event:
Gino Geracitano -1st,
Alex Jeffries -2nd,
Hayden Harrell -3rd.

Clare SA Masters Games

26 - 29 March 2015

The 2015 SA Masters Games were held from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th March 2015 in Clare.

The Athletics Program was organised by SAMA .

The results for the Athletics are available on the Results page

Photos taken by John Martin at the Athletics on Saturday can viewed in the General Gallery archives.

Michael Slagter has added a new album to the SAARCPHOTOS web page, showing a large selection of the Athletics events at Clare.

Debra Moyle's photos of the Athletics on several days can in the SAMA Gallery archives.



SA Over-30s Invitational Throws Pentathlon

Inaugral Invitational Mens Throws Pentathlon 2015

Hammer, Shot, Discus, Javelin, Heavy Weight Throw

An information package for the event was prepared that explains the workings of a Throws Pentathlon, which can be downloaded here.

NB. Only the SAMA Throws Pentathlon scheduled for 15 March 2015 will be the official State Masters Athletics Championships, and the Enfield competition did not count as part of the Championships.

An inaugural Over-30s Invitational Throws Pentathlon (Men) was held on Sunday 15 February 2015, organised by SAMA, and coordinated by Aaron Schenk. The venue was St Albans Reserve, Chester Ave, Clearview SA (Enfield Athletics Ground).

The event brought together about a dozen selected athletes, both from SAMA and also from other ASA clubs. The photo shows all the competitors, consisting of Masters athletes and also some younger ASA throwers (in their 20s) who were attempting the multi-throws format for the first time.  It is significant that two of the latter (Ryan and Gary) achieved points totals that exceeded the current M30 record, and this augurs well for when they attain the requisite age down the track! Several State Age Group records were attained by SAMA competitors (see the Report for further details).

The results are shown below, and a Report on the event can be downloaded here.

The purpose of this inaugral event was to provide an extra opportunity for SAMA male throwers to compete in a Throws Pentathlon, to introduce the format to accomplished younger throwers from ASA clubs, and to stimulate cross-fertilisation between the ASA and SAMA throws cultures.

Due to constraints on time, in order to keep the field to a manageable size, the inaugral event included Men only. However, following this event, organisation of a Womens event will start in earnest, and upon review of both events, the concept may be extended to a combined Mens and Womens event in coming seasons.

The objectives of the Invitational Event were:

  • to provide ASA Throwers with exposure to a Throws multi-event competition
  • to provide an additional opportunity to throw the Heavy Weight in a competition setting
  • to provide insight to the types of over-30 competitions that are available locally, interstate, nationally, within the Oceania and at The World Masters Athletics Championships
  • to challenge the boundaries of throwers who are comfortable in their specialist or favoured events, with the 5 discipline multi-event model
  • to provide an opportunity to benchmark oneself against past and present throwers of all ages

The RESULTS for the Invitational Mens Throws Pentathlon 2015 are available in two different formats to give a novel perspective on the performances:

  • Results achieved by all athletes for each of the five throws and their Total Points - includes distance thrown and points scored (according to the normal World Masters Athletics tables) PLUS age-grade percentages (to allow direct comparison of performances by athletes of different ages).
  • Captains Call - Team Challenge Results - a paper-based competition ranking four teams, consisting of throwers who were placed arbitrarily into two ASA teams and two SAMA teams before the results were known.
    "Dream Teams" were then constructed from actual results after the completion of the competition, and used to benchmark the actual chosen teams.

Henley Beach Fun Run

12km and 4km Fun Run 2015

An inaugural fun run from Joe's Kiosk, Henley Beach to Henley Jetty was held on Saturday 17 January 2015, organised by SAMA and the Henley Runners Group, and coordinated by Megan Inge.

Download the flyer here. View a map of the course here

There were 12km and 4km events with prizes, and a 1km Kids' event.

Photos of the event taken by John Martin, including competitors crossing the finish line, are available in the General Gallery archives.

See the Facebook page for additional photos and updated information.

Full results are available to download.