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Bay Sheffield Carnival - SAMA 800m Invitational Event

Bay Sheffield 2018

South Australian Masters Athletics is invited to stage a distance handicapped 800m at the Bay Sheffield Carnival at Colley Reserve, Glenelg, which runs from 26 - 28 December 2018.

The 800m Masters race this year will likely be on Wednesday 26 December (to be confirmed). The SAMA event is coordinated by Lisa Attenborough, and distance handicapped by Neil Hayford.

The SAMA event at the Bay Sheffield is sponsored by the Scout Outdoor Centre, which provides Prize vouchers for the first 3 home;
1st $100     2nd $60    3rd $40


Qualifying Races / Entry

If you are considering entering for the invitational Masters 800m event at the Bay Sheffield Carnival in December, then it is most important that you enter at least one and preferably all of the Bay Sheffield Qualifier races to be held by SAMA as part of our normal summer program.

The first of these will be held during the 800m race on Wednesday 24 October 2018, with the remainder on the following dates:  14 November (800m) and 28 November (600m).

It is essential that SAMA gets the handicapping correct to ensure an entertaining and competitive race, so that we are asked back again next year.

Nominations for entry to the SAMA Bay Sheffield 800m Invitational Race can be done either by sending an email to Neil (Harry) Hayford , or by placing your name on the form provided at the stadium during regular SAMA summer competition.

Full information about the Bay Sheffield Carnival can be found at the South Australian Athletic League website, and a full program will be available at the SAAL Team App website.

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