Training Groups

Training Group Ė Peter Sandery

Some people take up running as a convenient form of exercise, a means of maintaining a level of fitness. Others want to be able to race, to compete against other runners in track, road or cross country races. If you are in the latter group, training that is targeted at your goals is essential. Training with a group of like-minded people doesnít diminish the physical demands you will need to meet, but it does assist in providing motivation to maintain that training.

Peter Sandery coachs a training group that meets at the Adelaide Harriers clubrooms on the corner of Peacock Road and South Terrace every Monday and Thursday evening, starting promptly at 5:30pm. The group consists of male and female runners of widely varying ability and age (but mainly masters age). Numbers vary from 12 to 25 on any night. Each training session takes approximately one hour and consists of a structured set of warm-up activities followed by an interval program (repetitions of timed running and recovery periods). The interval programs are based on current research into maximising running training outcomes. The aim is to improve the ability to run well in middle and long distance races. You will need to have been running regularly for some time before you consider interval training.

Sessions are planned over 6 week periods, each consisting of 12 different sessions targeting the energy systems that power running, using various combinations of running speeds, distances and recovery times. Long slow running trains you to be good at long slow running. Running fast requires high intensity training that results in adaptation to meet the subsequent demand on the body. Our bodies respond to demand in quite specific ways and you wonít run faster just by running further. If you donít have a goal of improving race performance and cannot face regular, demanding, sustained effort that involves a moderate to high level of discomfit, this is not the training group for you. Adelaide Harriers do charge an annual training fee with pro rata payment for those who join during the year.

Training Group - Park 9 McKinnon Parade - Anne Lang - Ph 0417 823666

Anne offers 3 training sessions each week. Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00am, and Sunday morning at 8:00am.

Sprint Training

There are several sprint training groups available. These groups train for a combination of competition including Masters, Athletics League (Pros) and Athletics SA. Contact a SAMA committee member for more information on these groups.